Fragrant Cane

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Fragrant cane or calamus is the term for cannabis most widely found in the Holy Bible, for example in Exodus 30:23. It has been recorded to have been used in the making of holy anointing oils for special rituals.

Excerpt from Exodus Chapter 3:

"(22) Then the Lord said to Moses, (23) “Take the following fine spices: 500 shekels of liquid myrrh, half as much (that is, 250 shekels) of fragrant cinnamon, 250 shekels[e] of fragrant calamus, (24) 500 shekels of cassia—all according to the sanctuary shekel—and a hin of olive oil. (25) Make these into a sacred anointing oil, a fragrant blend, the work of a perfumer. It will be the sacred anointing oil. (26) Then use it to anoint the tent of meeting, the ark of the covenant law, (27) the table and all its articles, the lampstand and its accessories, the altar of incense, (28) the altar of burnt offering and all its utensils, and the basin with its stand. (29) You shall consecrate them so they will be most holy, and whatever touches them will be holy."