I Drink I Smoke

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"I Drink I Smoke" is a song by Canadian rapper Belly. The song was released on October 25, 2011 as the fourth single off his second album Sleepless Nights 1.5 (2012). The song features vocals from American rapper Snoop Dogg (his second collaboration with Snoop after 2009's "Hot Girl).

Music video

The video was directed by Canadian director RT! and was shot in Amsterdam. The video premiered on April 20, 2012 to coincide with International Smokers Day. The video starts with an aerial shot with the following caption: Amsterdam, Partly Cloudly, Chance of Rain...High. It cuts to Belly inside Dutch Flowers (a coffee shop in Spui) reading the menu containing items related to cannabis. A waiter serves Belly his dish and as he puts down the menu, he sees that his dish is a plate of hash. While being confused by this, Belly notices something raining outside and leaves the restaurant to see that its raining kush. As he walks through the streets feeling all happy, he lifts off a tarp to reveal a Chevrolet Impala. He drives along the streets in the Impala with a girl while collecting the raining kush in the backseat. Intercut through the video are scenes of Belly and Snoop along with their entourage and a bunch of women at night in front of the 'I Amsterdam' sign through a rainbow filter that makes the audience feel like their tripping acid. After that, it cuts back to Belly inside the coffee shop where he sees that his plate of kush is empty (implying that everything that happened to Belly was all in his head).

The video ends with this statement: "No buds were harmed in the smoking making of this video."


On August 9, 2012, A remix version was released featuring American rapper Gunplay.