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Blair Timmothy Longley (born September 25, 1950) is a Canadian politician and activist.

Longley attended the founding meeting of the Green Party of Canada in 1983 and went on to be an active member of the Rhinoceros Party of which he was official agent from 1985 to 1987.

He joined the Marijuana Party shortly after its founding and he became the leader of the Marijuana Party in 2005, following the resignation of Marc-Boris St-Maurice.

He has been a candidate for the Canadian House of Commons on three occasions, each time with a different party label. He ran for the Green Party in the 1984 election in the riding of Burnaby placing a distant fourth of four candidates with 364 of 58,991 votes. In 1988 he ran against opposition leader John Turner, with no party affiliation, and placed ninth of twelve candidates with 52 of 54,654 votes.

Longley ran for the Bloc pot in the 2003 Quebec provincial election. He later ran for the Marijuana Party in the riding of North Okanagan—Shuswap in 2004 and placed fifth of eight candidates with 492 of 51,765 votes, then in 2008 in the riding of Hochelaga, Quebec, placing eighth of nine with 183 of 45,683 votes.