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Cannabis Flower
Cannabis Flower

You probably know what flowers are; they're often the "pretty" part of a plant, and the same is true for cannabis. While cannabis flowers don't have traditional petals or look like daisies, they are still the reproductive organ of the female plants. Cannabis flowers are the hairy, sticky, crystal-covered bits that are harvested and dried to be used as medication. When they are allowed to be fertilized by male plants, these flowers will produce cannabis seeds. If not, they will continue to produce the resin that contains their active cannabinoids until they are harvested or begin to die.

Rather than calling them “buds,” many modern cannabis aficionados refer to the female plant’s racemes (that’s the official horticulture term) as flowers. When you go into a dispensary, one of the most common first questions is, “Flowers, edibles, or concentrates?” This term may also refer to the flowering cycle, which is the point in the cannabis plant’s life when it receives 12 hours of light or less per day, which signals the onset of autumn and causes it to begin the flowering process.