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A grow shop or growshop is a retail store that sells equipment and supplies for growing plants indoors. Types include stores selling hydroponic systems for horticulture, and those devoted to Cannabis Cultivation.


In 1619, America's first marijuana law was enacted, ordering all farmers to make trial of growing Indian hemp seed. In the 1950s, marijuana became very popular amongst the college community of the United States and in the following decade grow shops were established to provide cannabis cultivation related products. Starting in the 1980s in Europe, with the proliferation of legal cannabis cultivation enthusiasts by home growers across several countries, like The Netherlands and later in Spain, a nearly new business was born in order to supply those market and the term "grow shop" was also adopted by them to refer to shops which sell cannabis cultivation products, including cannabis seeds. Grow shop is another terminology for stores which exclusively sell hydroponics systems and products.

Products and supplies

In a grow shop there are products like: indoor growing lamps / light bulbs, fans, pollinators, pots, fertilizers, seeds and other manufacturers and many other products for indoor and outdoor growing. Typically, grow shops or hydroponic stores did not sell drug paraphernalia or anything even closely relating to drugs like cannabis seeds. In a broad sense, the designation grow shop may refer to any shop which sell the equipment and supplies to make it possible to grow indoors, this may range from hydroponic cultivation of vegetables to cannabis cultivation. The later may also be called a head shop.

Customers of cannabis cultivation growshops


In Europe the development of Cannabis has taken the world of growing and growshops to a whole new level. Since 2010 it is possible to buy autoflowering cannabis and feminized seeds, which making growing at home fairly easy because the plants need a much shorter time to grow and stay very dense and small. The plants are also developed so that they became much less sensitive to growing environment and this made it easier for the inexperienced grower to grow their own marijuana successful. The free trade law in Europe makes it possible to order these seeds all over Europe creating a very big market of amateur home growers