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One of the pillars of modern cannabis, the original Haze line is thought to have come from Colombian, Mexican and possibly Thai varieties which were being worked in Central California by a pair of brothers who became known as the “Haze Brothers.” This genetic line was passed onto breeders Sam the Skunkman and later Nevil Schoenmaker and became the craze of the Netherlands and most of Europe in the years following. The Haze is a tall, rangy plant that often takes 12 or more weeks to flower, which is difficult in most indoor grow rooms as well as with most outdoor growing seasons; this prompted the breeders to introduce shorter-flowering indica genetics into the mix such as Northern Lights and Skunk, creating some of cannabis’ most award-winning and noteworthy varieties such as Super Silver Haze, Nevil’s Haze, Super Lemon Haze, etc. Haze is prized for its almost electric, creative buzz which makes it a favorite of sativa smokers everywhere.