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James George Janos (born July 15, 1951), better known by his stage name, Jesse Ventura, is an American politician, actor, author, naval veteran, and former professional wrestler who served as the 38th Governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003.

In 2014, Ventura said on Ron Paul's Voices of Liberty web channel: "Every month and every year that goes by we find out more positive things about marijuana. The list is getting longer and longer and longer to the point where I'm starting to question why did they keep all this information from us. Why was marijuana demonized all those years when obviously this plant has a great deal of positive for not only medical… How did we go down this road to ruin about marijuana? Marijuana is money and that means bad for the pharmaceutical industry. Marijuana means bad for the energy people because it's an alternative energy. At what point are we going to take the blinders off and do what's right for humanity and legalize this stuff."