Purple Kush

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Purple Kush is a strain of Cannabis intended for use as a psychoactive drug. It is primarily indica with hints of sativa, and is commonly mistaken to have a purple leaf, which any strain of cannabis can have based on how cold the temperature is during the final flowering stage.

A bud of Purple Kush.


The smoke is a strong and unmistakably flowery taste with a very high THC level. The high usually lasts about an hour or two depending on the drying and curing process. There are many types of Kush. Purple Kush is one of the most potent strains of cannabis. Purple Kush is versatile, performing well for both indoor and outdoor growers. It grows very well in screen of green (ScrOG) or sea of green (SOG) setups.

Psychoactive properties

Purple Kush is favored by smokers for its above average effects in terms of its lasting body high, and euphoric head high. It's well known for its powerful, relaxing effect, used for relief for medical cannabis users.


This plant, "forms a short squat bush with very dense internodes and large fan leaves, staying in the 2-3 foot height range while grown indoors. With topping or pinching it can be at least as wide as it is tall. Purple Kush's foliage exhibits a classic indica growth pattern: a sturdy bush with dark green hues and sometimes hints of purple toward ripeness."