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The ArcView Group is an investor network based in San Francisco, California whose members provide financing to marijuana-based ventures.


The ArcView Group was founded in 2010 to bring together businesspeople who are working to build the legal cannabis industry in the United States. The CEO of the network is co-founder Troy Dayton and the president is co-founder Steve DeAngelo, who is also the CEO of Harborside Health Center. Other members include Joby Pritzker, Douglas Leighton, Jim Willet, Sam Znaimer, Steve Katz, and Craig Kinzer. In all there are about 330 investors in the network. As of August 2014 investors from the network had invested about $12 million into seventeen companies. The network has also raised $300,000 for marijuana activist organizations.Investments into specific companies have included $225,000 into CannaBuild and about $1 million into MassRoots; Auntie Dolores; Oil Slick; and TurboTrimmerz.


It also serves as a research firm into the legal marijuana industry, which creates industry growth forecasts and covers the transition of the marijuana economy from the underground to a legitimate business. Reports have included forecasting the size of the US marijuana industry growth between 2014 and 2018, and shorter term year over year forecasts nationally and on the state level.


The network holds quarterly forums for its investor members, in addition to weekly Internet seminars. Politicians have attended the conferences as well to gather information about a potential industry, in addition to marijuana entrepreneurs, network members, and venture capitalists.