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Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access (VMCA), originally founded as Veterans for Medical Marijuana Access (VMMA) reflecting the pejorative word "marijuana", is an Elliston, Virginia-based non-profit service organization designed to assist veterans who wish to be able to use marijuana for medical purposes with a doctor's recommendation. VMCA works towards the freedom for Veterans to discuss the medical use of marijuana with their doctors without the risk of reprisal.

VMCA was the first veteran service organization designed to assist veterans with medical access to cannabis. The organization seeks to make sure that the United States federal government allows veterans access to medicines their doctor prescribes or recommends.

VMCA administration


Michael Krawitz, Executive Director

Advisory Board

Al Byrne-Lcdr, SC, USN (ret) Founding Director of VMCA. Son of cancer patient, Howardsville, VA

Dr. Phillip Leveque, DO, Ph.D World War II U.S. Marine Infantryman Forensic Toxicologist and Pharmacologist

Mary Lynn Mathre, RN, MSN, CARN Substance Abuse Consultant, Howardsville, VA

Dr. Robert Melamede, Ph.D Associate Professor and Biology Chairman (ret) Biology Department, University of Colorado

Dr. David Ostrow, MD, Ph.D., FAPA Director, Ostrow & Associates

Dr. Tom O'Connell, M.D. Researcher

Perry Parks, CSP CW4 United States Army Retired

Msgt Thomas Vance United States Air Force Retired

John Targowski, Attorney Law Office of John Targowski, P.C.

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