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The Daktory is a warehouse catering for the sale and consumption of cannabis in New Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand. The Daktory operated in open defiance of New Zealand drug legislation prohibiting the cultivation, possession, sale and consumption of cannabis; its founder Dakta Green was jailed for 23 months for the operation of the warehouse. Members are called 'Daktas' and are registered under a pseudonym of their choice. They paid a monthly fee to join which allowed them access to The Daktory or they pay a $5 general entry charge. Patrons must be 18 years of age or older. Once inside, members openly smoke cannabis using any of the many paraphernalia provided. At various times cannabis was also openly grown in and sold from the Daktory. Nationwide branches of the Daktory are planned for all major New Zealand cities and other areas of strong demand for cannabis.


The Daktory evolved from a group of hard-core cannabis law reform supporters in Auckland, the home base of NORML New Zealand.

Auckland 420

The founding members of the Daktory got to know each other through the short lived Auckland 420 sessions that took place in Albert Park from mid-2007 to mid-2008. The Auckland 420 sessions were established to show solidarity with the Dunedin 420 group that had been established in 2004.

The Cannabus

The group of activists centred on the Auckland 420 sessions were responsible for the genesis of Mary Jane the Cannabus, a rehabilitated old Bedford bus owned by NORML New Zealand that serves as a mobile cannabis law reform activism centre. As one of the core members of the Auckland group was moving back to Dunedin, a plan was hatched to take the Cannabus on a nationwide tour from Auckland to Dunedin once her rehabilitation was complete. The Cannabus tour took place from late March to early May 2008, visiting 42 towns and cities throughout New Zealand and having a high-profile public cannabis smoking session at 4:20pm in each town on each day of the tour. The bus was driven for the length of the tour by Dakta Green, Dakta Grower, and Dakta Fooz, who were joined for a few weeks, including two "smoke-in" protests at parliament, by NORML Communications Officer Danyl Strype. The tour was timed to arrive in Dunedin for Cannabis Awareness Week and J-Day, annual events put on by the Otago University NORML chapter.

New Lynn

After the tour a warehouse space in New Lynn, Waitakere was acquired to permanently store the Cannabus when she was not on the road. This space is located at 80 Delta Avenue, New Lynn, the current location of the Daktory. The factory is owned by Jacqueline & Brian Clarke and the Onehunga Trustee Company Limited

Media interest

Dakta Green has appeared in the media numerous times promoting the Daktory, initially gaining notoriety as a candidate for the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party in the 2009 Mt. Albert by-election resulting from the resignation of Helen Clark. Stories about the Daktory have appeared in The Western Leader, The New Zealand Herald, the Sunday News and TV3 News.

Police raid

The New Zealand Police raided the Daktory on Saturday, January 9, 2010 apparently acting on information gained from a Sunday News journalist.

Court case Dakta Green is involved in several ongoing court cases for cannabis offences under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975. In one case he has been granted permission to deliver a submission demonstrating that alcohol is more harmful than cannabis.

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