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Dakta Green, formerly Ken Morgan (born 1950, in Wellington) is a New Zealand cannabis law reform activist and political candidate. He changed his name by deed poll in 2008. He is the Activism co-ordinator for NORML New Zealand, the driver of Mary Jane the Cannabus, and founder of The Daktory. He was a candidate for the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party in the Mount Albert by-election, 2009.

He was jailed for one year in Chester County Prison in the United States in 1999, and for two years and eight months in New Zealand prisons from November 2002. On 29 June 2011 he was sentenced in the Auckland District Court to 8 months in prison, for various cannabis related charges. Dakta Green rejected the judge’s offer of home detention, instead he opted for jail time, claiming that his conviction was down to "politics".

On 26 September 2011, the Solicitor General appealed the sentence of 8 months in prison and the Court of Appeal almost tripled the sentence to 23 months in prison.

Dakta Green was to be the New Lynn political candidate for the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party (ALCP) in the New Zealand general election, 2011.

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