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1/16 1/2 1/4 1/8 10 25 30 4 os 420 4:20 50 710 A10 AK47 AM A Abe's cabe Abe Abolished Acapulco gold Acapulco red Ace Afghan Goo African black African bush African woodbine Airhead Airplane Alaskan Thunderfuck Albert Walker Alcopolco Gold Alfalfa Skunk Alice B. Toklas All lit up Altered reality Amnesia Amped-out Angola Annihilated Apple bong Arathi Around the world Ashes Assassin of Youth Astro traveler Ate Up Atshitshi Aunt Mary B.T. bottle BC Bud BC B Baby bhang Baccy Backwood Backyard boogie Bained Bakaked Bake Baked Baker Bale Bambalacha Bammer Bammy Banana hammock Baptize Bar up a blunt Bar Barney Bash Bat Battered Batty Bear-a-toke Beasters Beat Beatnik Beedie Being Delta Belyando spruce Benners Bhang Bible paper roller Bible worksheets Biff Bifidus Biftad burnt Biftah Big Bud Bilge Bill up Billied Billy Bin Laden Bin up Binger Bingger Bis Bishop Bite one’s lips Bite the blues dog Black bart Black ganga Black gold Black gungi Black gunion Black mo/black moat Black mote Blanket Blast a joint Blast a roach Blast a stick Blasted Blaze Blazed Blazer Bleezie Blifter Blitted Blitzed Blizz Blousted Blow a stick Blow one’s roof Blow trees Blowd Blowed Blowing smoke Blown Blue Berry Yum Yum Blue Dream Blue God Blue Lightning Blue Mystic Blue de hue Blue sage Blue sky blond Blueberry Headband Blueberry Hybrid Blueberry Blunt wrap Blunt Blunted Bo-bo Bob Hope Bob Marley Bob Bobatti Bobby Brown Bobo bush Bogart a joint Bogart Bomber Bone Bong Bonged Bonglords Bongo Boo Booboo sh*t Boogity brown Boom Boone Boot the gong Booted Bottle Bouldered Bowl Box out Brain Melt Bread Breezie Broccoli Brody gusar Brokeness Brown Buddha Brown Frown Bubble kush Bubble Bubblegum Bubbler Bubblicious Buckets Bud Buds Budski Buge Buggin out Build it Build up Bullrider Bullyon Bun Bunk Bunnin Burger King Burn a Green Disk Burn one Burn some rope Burn Burner Burnie Burnout Burnt out Burnt Burrito Butter flower Buzzed C-jizz CD's CGE Cabbage Cached Cali Mist California Orange Cam trip Camberwell carrot Cambodian red/Cam red Can Canadian black Canamo Canappa Cancelled stick Cane Cannabis tea Cannabize Canned Cannon Caracas Carb Carburetor Carmabis Carrot bong Cartucho Cashed Cat Piss Catapult Catnip Cavite all star Cds Cereal bowl bowl Cess Chalice Charas Charge Charred Cheatham Checkers Cheeba Cheeched Cheecher Cheese Cheesecake-factoried Cheg Chemdawg Chernobyled Cheroot Cherried Cherry Organic Chess Chiba chiba Chicago black Chicago green Chicago Chicken Chief Chiefed Chiefing Chillin on the moon Chillum Chillums Chin up Chinese eyed Chink-eyed Chira Chocolat Thai Chocolate Chunk Choke Chong Choof Christmas tree Chronic Chronicalized Chuffa Puffz Churus Citrol Clambaking Climb Close yourselves in a bathroom Co Cochornis Coli Coliflor tostao Colorado cocktail Columbian Columbus black Comic books Cone Coner Construct Conversational bread throwing Cosa Cotton mouth Cottonmouth Course notes Cousin Mary Crackes Crazy weed Creativity Cripple Crispy Crunch Crying weed Cubes Culican Curley wurley Cut Cutie Pie Cutting the grass D's DVD's Dabber Dagga Dak Damaged Dan K. Buddinhash Dance with Mary Jane Daniel Nuggetstone Danish Dank Dankinstein Dave Dawamesk Daydream Deathbed Deck up Dedaloo Blue Unicorn Deepfried Deisel Delta-9 Depersonalization Detroit Dew Diambista Diesel Diggery Dimba Dime bag Dime Ding Dinkie dow Dirt grass Dirt weed Disassociation Disaster mode Discarded bibles Disorientation Ditch weed Ditch Ditchweed Dizzle Djamba Do a joint Do something constructive Do the decent thing Do the deed Do work Doade Dodo Dog Shit Dog leg Doja Dome Domestic Don jem Dona Juana Dona Juanita Done Dont it Doobage Doobians Doobie Snacks Doobie snack Doobie/dubbe/duby Doobie Dope head Dope smoke Dope Doper Doradilla Dr Who Dr. Green Thumb Draf weed Drag weed Draw Dream-like state Dro Drooling Droppin Ds Droseph jones Dry high Dub sack Dub Dugout Dumm Dunce Dunski Dunzo Durban Poison Durog Duros Dutch Master Dutch Skunk Dutchie Dutchy Dynamite Early Misty Earth Easily laughing Eatin southern cookin Eighter Eighth Elbow Electric Peach Electric puha Elevated Elimibaked Emerald Endo Ent Errl Esra Eternal Thanks Ez wider Faded Fallbrook redhair Fantasies Farmers daughter Fat Boy Juicy Fattie-bo-blattie Fatty Feed bag Feelin like jelly Fiend Fighting Buddha Fine stuff Finger Fir Fire it up Fire up a rocket Fire up Fire Fish bowl Fishbowled Fitchburg Gold Fixin to burn Fizzed Fizzled Flatbrim Fleet Wheat Flip Flower tops Flower Flowers Flux capacitor Fly Mexican Airlines Fly to the moon Flyin Forb Fosters Four Way Four twenty Fraho/frajo Frankenstein Freakus Fried Friendship Frodis Frosty Berry Fry Frying-panned Fu Fuck a bitch Fucked Fuma D’Angola Funk Funny stuff Fuzzy Wolf G-13 G-regs or gregs Gage/gauge Gage Gange Gangster gumbo Gangster Ganj Ganja Ganked Garden Gate Gary Payton Gas mask Gash Gasper stick Gasper Gauge butt Gazooted Geeked Genius George German Murder Get a gage up Get blasted Get busy Get caned Get chinese-eyed Get elevated Get happy Get high Get lit Get on Get one on Get red eye Get the wind Get toasted Getting toasty-toast Ghana Ghanja Ghostfaced Giddiness Giggle smoke Giggle weed Gilb bowl Gilb Glass pipe Go bowling Go for a special walk Go loco Go on a walk with Droseph Jones Go on an L ride Go to the fun house Godfather Going out to the back forty Going to mars Gold star Golden leaf Gone Gong Goo Good advice Good butt Good giggles Good shit Goof butt Goofed Goofy boots Gooned Gotti Grab a memory masher Grade Graffix Grand Daddy Purps Grand Daddy RIP Grandpa's medicine Grapefruit Grapes Grass brownies Grass ski Grass Grasshopper Grata Gravity bong Grazing In the Grass Green Badger Green Crack Green Dot Green Dragon Green Goblin Afghani Green Goblin Green Pimp Green fever Green goddess Green hit Green out Green tea Green Greened Greenest of the goop Greenest of the green Greeter Grefa Greta Gridlock Griefo Grifa Griff Griffa Griffo Grilled Grizz Grizzly-eyed Grow Op Guitar Hero Gunga Gungeon Gungun Gunja Gunney sack Gunney Guy Smiley Gwaai Gyve Half-o Half Halfer Halfie Hammer Hammered Hanhich Happy cigarette Harris Has Hash Have a celebration Have an attitude adjustment Hawaii hot box Hawaiian Gold Hawaiin Hay butt Hay Hayley's Comet Haze Hazed Head trip Head Headband Kush Headies Heady Heddy Heirloom Hemp Henry Herb Herba Herbal jazz cigarette Herbalista Herbsteins Heyman High as tits High Hindu Kush Hippie hit Hippies Hit the hay Hit Hitter-box Hittin it Hmonged Hocus Hog a fattie Hog leg Hog's Breath Holden Caufield Holding Homegrown Homogenized Honey blunts Honey boo boo Hooch Hookah Hooter Hot Box Hot knife Hot stick Hotbox Hubbly bubbly Hung up Hurricane Hydro IZM Ice cream Ice Ignite Illa finger Incredibaked Indian boy Indian hay Indian hemp Indiana ditchweed Indiana hay Indo Indonesian bud Infant smoker Insangu Inspiration Instaga Irie Ivory J Jack Frost Jack Herrer Jacked up Jacket Jackie White Jamacain Red Jamaican Grape Jamaican bake Jamaican fire Jane Janome Jay Tokenstein Jay smoke Jay Jazzbine Jazzed Jean Jeezy Jerry Jesused Jibber Jig Jigga-man Jimmy chonged Jimmy Jive stick Jive Jobb The Finest there is Jobb Jock Horror Johnson grass Joint sub-committee meeting Joint Jolly green Joy smoke Joy stick Ju-ju Juan Valdez Juanita Juicy Fruit Jumping through hoops Junkie Jupiter's beard K killed KB KGB Kained Kali Mist Kali Kaya Kentucky blue Kettled Kevin Bacon Key Keyed Kibbies Kibs Kick stick Kicked Kif Kiff Kill Bill Kill Killer herb Killer Killing a skunk Kilo Kilter Kind Kine bud King Kong Kingsize Marley Kitty Kush Kona Gold Kotton Kandy Krinze Kumba Kush Kushage Kushempeng Kutch L.J. Simpson L.L. LSD L La Canna Lakbay diva Lamb’s bread Lamb's bread Larry OG Laughing grass Laughing weed Lavender Lef Lemon G Licked Lid Lifted Light a fire Light stuff Light up Lights Likd Lima Limbo Lime Listening to your iPod Lit Little beasts Livd Llesca Loaf Lobo Loco Locoweed Looking for water on Mars Loomed out of ones skull Loomed Loud Louis Love weed Lowes Lubage Lucas Lui Lula Lumber Lye M.J. M.O. M.U. M39 MJ Machinery Macon Magic Dragon Magic cancer Magic smoke Magic Main Wreck Mango Manhattan silver Mari Marijuana Marley Maroe Mary Ann Mary Jane Mary Jonas Mary Warner Mary Weaver Mary and Johnny Mary Mashed Masher Masterkush Matanuska Thunderfuck Matchbox Maui Wowie Maui wauie Mbanje Mecca Medicated Meg Megg Meggie Mellow Submarine Merked Messorole Mex Mexican kilobrick Mexican red Mezz Microphoning Microwave popcorn Mids Mighty mezz Mikado Mike vick Modams Mohasky Monstertrucked Monte Mooca/moocah Moocah Moof Mooster Moota/mutah Mooters Mootie Mootos Mor a grifa Morning meds Moss Mota boy Mota/moto Mota Mother Mary Mother Sativa Mother Mow the grass Muggie Muggles Mullered Munchies Munchin out Munged Murph it Mushy memory Mutha NY Sour Diesel Nail Nailed Nay nay famous Nebula Newguys Nick Nickel bag Nickel Nodge Northern Lights Nug Nugget Nugs Numb face Number O-Z O.J. OG O Obliterated Ohio Gold Old Gangster Bubba Kush Old Gangster Kush Old Man Old Toby On the loom city bus One hitter) One hitter One-hitter One-y Oney Onion ozzy Onion Or killa Orange Kush Orange Mango Oscar Ounce Outdo Owned Oz P.O.D. P.O.D.ed P.R. Paca lolo Pacific Blue Pack of rocks Pack the pipe Pakalolo Pakistani black Panama Red Panama cut Panama gold Panatella Pants Paper blunts Papes Paranoia Parker Parking on the grass Particularly from a video game Passion #1 Pat Patties Peaced Pet the green gerbil Pheney's Phog Phil Pot Phillie Phillies Blunt Picked up Picolo Green Piece Pimp-eyed Pin Pinhead Pinner Pipe Pistil Pizza Play tennis Playing a C major Pocket rocket Pod Poke smot Poke Politicking Pooched Pop-can pipe Porreta Pot liquor Pot Pothead Potlikker Potten bush Power-hitter Pre-roll Prescription Pretendica Pretendo Puff daddy Puff puff pass Puff the dragon Puff, puff, pass Puff Puffers Pull ’n snap Puna Budda Pure Light Pure Power Plant Purple Haze Purple Kush Purple Urkle Put one together QP Q Quad Quaked Quap Quarter Queen Ann’s lace Questionable Kush R-2 Rack up Railroad weed Rainy Day Woman Raise one Ramín Rangood Rape Rasta weed Rasta Re-up Reaching for the stars Read a good book Reasoning session Recharge Reclining Red cross Red dirt Red eye-jedi Red-Dirt Marijuana and Other Tastes Reefbuds Reefer shit Reefer Reggie Miller Reggies Regis Regs Resin chamber Reverse gravity bong Revolver Rhiannon Ridgeway Stealth Weed Ridgeway Stinky Riding the green train Rig Righteous bush Rinsed Ripped Rippin Rizle Roach clip Roach Roast Rocket man Rocket Rockets Rodeo Roll a J Roll a doobie Roll a joint Roll it up Rolled together to make a very long blunt) Rollin and tumblin Rolling papers Romulan Roor Root Rope Ropey Rose marie Rpodro Rub the hot muffin on the west side Running in an endless field Running the kermit SAGE Safety inspection Safety meeting Salt and pepper Sampson Santa Marta Sappad Sasfras Schmape Schwag Schwagg Schwanal Schweed Schwooberry Schwugs Scissors Scooby-doo Scratchify Scratchy Screechin Scroll up Secret Sauce Secret agent Seeds Seizure salad Sen Sesh Sess Sezz Sgt. Pepper Sha-bang-a-bang-a Shake Shakin hands with God Shamya Shipwreck Shirt Shit at and hit Shitfaced Shiva Shizzle Shlook Shniz Shotgun Shotgunning Shotty Shredded-wheat Siddi Silver Haze Single Sinse Sinsemilla Sir marks-alot Sister Mary Sizzle a blizzle Skill up Skin up Skin Skunk Slab Slice Sloshed Slowcooked Smashed Smeed Snickle-fritz Smeez a beez Smelly kid Smhack-a-shmowl Smoke Canada Smoke a Bowl Smoke weed Smokin the panda Smoo rocket Smot poker Smurfing Snap Sneak-a-toke Snoochie Boochie Noochies Snoop Dogg Snop Snow Cap Snow White Snow Soap bar Sock Solid Soma Sombreroed Souerr Lemon Diesel Sounds Sour Diesel Space cadet Space case Space cowboy Space out Spaced Spanish tails Spank Spark it up Spark Spin up the FTL Spinach Spliff Spliffed Splim Sploob of wifflig Spoon Spring Springer Spunk it Square mackerel Squirter-farter Stack Stank Stash Steam Steamboat Steamroller Stems Sticks Sticky-icky-icky Stink weed Stone Stoned Stoner Strap one Straw Strawberry Cough Strawberry Kush Strummin the rusty banjo Stucking foned Stucking foners Study economics Study philosophy StuffSweet G Submarine Such as GAME Sugar Babe Sugar Shack Sugar weed Sunshine Super Goo Super Schwagg Super gay SuperDoade Supergrass Swazi Safari Sweet Island Skunk Sweet Lucy Sweet leaf Sweettooth Swish Swisha Swisher TJ Tacos Taima Take the Marrakesh Express Taking on a number Takkouri Talk politics Talk to Larry Talk to Sampson Talking da trash Talking to Lando Tanked Tapes Tax Taxed Tea head Tea party Tea Teenth Ten bag Ten bit Tens Tex-mex Texas pot Texas tea Thai sticks The Obnubilation Third lung Thirteen Throw bread Throwed Thrown Thumb Tiger fear Tighten someone’s wig Tijuana Tin To hit a cut To put one in the air Toak Toasted Toke pipes Toke up Toke Toker Toot Tootin Top 44 Torch up Torch Torn up Toss a slice Tossed Totaled Tour Trainwreck Transcended Tree hugger Tree tripper Tree Trees Trim run Tripped Trippin balls Trippin Trizer head Trizer Try on some Michael Jordans Tutti fruity Twamp Tweed Tweeded Twenty bag Twenty twen-twen Twist one up Twist Twisted Twistum Twitching Two toke pass Up against the stem Upon exhalation Usually a blunt and outside) Utensil Vagina-eyed Vaporizer Vega Venus Green Vipe Viper’s weed Viper Visionary Wacky terbacky Wacky tobaccy Wacky weed Wake and bake Walk the green dog Wapped Warped Wasted Watching the ducks Waterfall bong Wavy Gravy Wearing the arm-hat Weed tea Weed whacker Weed Weekend warrior Well caned West Wheat Wheezin White Rhino White Russian White Widow White-haired lady Widdle Wizard Wood Wrap one up Wraps Wrecked X box X Yarndi Yeh Yellow submarine Yen pop Yerba Yesca Yesco Yoda Yucan Gold Zacatecas purple Zakked out Zambi Zapped Zeppelin Zig-zag Zip Zipped Zol Zombified Zone out Zone Zoned Zong Zoning Zonked Zooed Zooie Zoom tube Zoomer Zoot